Comensations buy-back Białystok and within Poland

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Compensations buy-back Białystok and within Poland. Direct compensation bailout.

We are interested in buying back the compensation claim out of the accident perpetrator’s OC insurance or own AC insurance which has been claimed within last 3 years. The cost will be estimated by the insurance company. Lowering the compensation amount is legal and very common within the insurance companies! According to the direct trade, we can offer you the highest possible amount of the compensation. Concluding the agreement constitutes the immediate compensation payout in cash or as a transfer to your bank account, based on a compensation assessment.

The importance of the compensation buy-back:

– Higher amount of the compensation.

– Avoidance of the long-term legal trial, which can take up to three years.

– Avoidance of losing a court case.

– Avoidance of legal fees (the average necessary cost is 3000 zł).

– A group claim, which we provide, is more profitable.

– Avoidance of health damage.

Compansation buy-back is free of charge.

Losing a court case does not relay to the payout already provided by the Insurance Company or our Institute.

The agreement will be executed in two counterparts, one for each party. The compensation assessment provided by the insurance company and the compensation statement are required. Required documents can be also provided by the insurance company on our request.

We provide our service due to the satisfaction of our customers.


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