Compensation assessors in Białystok and within Poland


Institute of automotive assessment is the trained unit of our company in cooperation with the certificated automotive assessors according to the Centrum of the Certification accredited by PN-EN ISO/IEC 17024:2012, the researchers entered in the register of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, automotive consultants and court experts.

Compensation assesors in Białystok and within Poland

– The valuation of the vehicles (also on request of the Custom Office, Employment Office, banks, leasings and more)

– Technical opinion on the vehicle status

– Reconstruction of events

– Digital simulation

– 2D and 3D Digital-sequenced simulation

– Evaluation of the repairing costs

– assessment of vintage cars

– vintage car valuation named as filing card for the conservator

vehicle identification number (VIN) 

– vicles assessment

– estimation and evaluation of the vehicle conflagration

– commentary on expert evaluations

– traffic accidents reconstruction

Our Institute specializes in performing evaluation for courts, prosecutor’s and authorities within whole Poland as well as for the private individuals and companies.

Our Institue bases its work on specialised research centres and laboratories and applies modern evaluation technologies such as V-SIM, CYBORG, IDEA PLAN, INFO-EKSPERT, AUDATEX, EUROTAX GLASS’S


Eng. Tomasza Brzezina

dr. Wiktor Jakubowski

Eng. Aleksander Nalewajko

msc. Wojciech Sokołowski